Emergency Home Repair

Since 2002, Rebuilding Together Hartford’s Emergency Home Repair program has assisted Hartford’s low-income homeowners facing critical issues. These include providing equipment to aid individuals in activities of daily living (ADL), heat, hot water, major electrical and major plumbing.

The aim of the program is to help people who have a critical immediate need that affects their ability to live in warmth, safety and independence. The vast majority of the work performed is by paid contractors.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Support

Providing people aging in place and /or who have physical impairments requiring ADL support devices and/or function is a primary concern of the Emergency Home Repair program. Rebuilding Together Hartford procures and provides the installation of the following most commonly needed assistive devices.

Plumbing & Heating

On a year round basis, Rebuilding Together Hartford provides repair and/or replacement of heating systems, hot water heaters, leaking pipes, inoperable toilets, and leaking toilets. Additional common requests include having clogged drains cleaned, having clogged sewer lines cleaned (house to MDC) or installing sump pumps in the basement where basement flooding occurs regularly.


Electrical issues are rare for the Emergency Home program. The following represents when Rebuilding Together Hartford can assist homeowners. Electrical repairs under the Emergency Home Repair program are limited. A major request that Rebuilding Together Hatford cannot provide is upgrades to fuse boxes and circuit panels. The older homes in Hartford, if not already upgraded, are limited to 60 AMP service. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of multiple televisions, personal computers, air conditioners, etc. the electrical drain caused by the use of these devices is not supported by the 60 AMP service. This issue is not an emergency under the program as limiting the number of devices used at one time eliminates the problem.

To apply for emergency home repair contact Cynthia Fowler at (860) 757-9246 or cfowler@rthartford.org


Wheelchair ramps provide the ability to come and go from their home with ease.


Stair glides allow the ability to transfer from one floor to another.


Bath and shower chairs, and grab bars in the tub area help prevent individuals from falling.


Comfort height toilets and versa frames, provide steady support when individuals sit and rise from the toilets.


Lever handled faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms makes using sinks easier than old-fashioned knobs.


Malfunctioning toilets can create major damage especially if there is a living space below.


On a year round basis, RTH provides repair and/or replacement of heating systems, hot water heaters, leaking pipes, inoperable toilets, and leaking toilets.


During the early fall and throughout the winter the most assistance requested is for repairs and/or replacements of inoperable heating systems.


Hot water heaters


Leaks under sinks


Doorway modifications to allow for wheelchairs and walkers.


Replacement of faulty switches, outlets and lighting fixtures that could cause a fire.


Wireless technology to replace pull chain lights in the center of the room.


Modifications to light switches and/or outlets to allow access from a wheelchair.